Never been easier to find ID and extended information about your fields, statuses, projects and events!

In addition, you’ll find a statistics report about these three key Jira features. Resolve problems faster by identifying proper info in such an easy way.

Just look for it on Manage apps admin section, and on left panel you will see EXCENTIA ADMIN TOOLS section.

  1. Choose  > Manage Apps.

  2. On the left-hand panel, you'll find ELEMENTS ID panel.
    1. Click 'Fields ID' to find fields data in your Jira Instance.
    2. Click 'Statuses ID' to find status data in your Jira Instance.
    3. Click 'Projects ID' to find project data in your Jira Instance.
    4. Click 'Events ID' to find events data in your Jira Instance.
    5. Click 'Statistics' to reveal a report collecting data about fields, statuses and projects.

Fields ID

Statuses ID

Projects ID

Events ID


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