A Jira workflow is a set of statuses and transitions that an issue moves through during its lifecycle and typically represents processes within your organization.

excentia Admin Tools provides an additional set of workflow conditions, validators, and post-functions that let you do much more in your workflows. 

These additional possibilities allow Jira Administrators to customize workflows, not only improving Jira capabilities, but allowing administrators to do more in less time. With literally no coding, a Jira Admin would be able to apply an extra layer of security level or improve permission management within his/her Jira instance.

Next table shows the set of conditions, validators and post-functions that excentia Admin Tools provides. 


User is project leadCondition to evaluate if current user is project lead

Fields required

Conditon to allow the transition only if the selected field has value

Custom field value

Condition to compare a field value to a given one
JQL conditionCondition that checks if current issue is returned by a JQL
Fields requiredIt allows admins to configure required fields in a transition
Restrict issue type on creationAllow users in a group to create determined issue types. The validator checks users groups with the right permissions to create certain issue types. Valid for creation transition!
Comment requiredWriting a comment is a requirement to execute a transition in the workflow
System time fieldCompares a system time field (Original estimate, Remaining estimate, Time Spent and Time worklogged in the current transition) to a given value.
Custom field valueCompares a field value to a given value. 

Clear fieldsWhilst executing a transition you can erase content from a selected field
Change Security LevelConfigure the security level of the issue with the security level of the project
Copy transition comment in linked issuesCopy transition comments in the linked issues choosen (This transition should have an assigned screen in order to show comment system field)
Transition linked issuesAutomatically transition linked issues with selected issue links.
Send emailSend a personalised email after a transition it's executed. More information on the User Guide
Add comment to linked issuesChoose the issue link(s) and write a comment
Create linked issuesCreates a linked issue copying the fields selected by the user in the selected project.
Assign current user to user picker fieldSets user field value to user who executes the transition
Copy issue field Copys one field value into another field in the same issue or in a related one
Edit field valueUpdates a field in current issue or in a related one with a given value

  • Note: more functionalities to come in future versions.

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