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SonarQube Connector brings your source code quality model from SonarQube to your JIRA project: 

  • Reliability: focused on bugs, an issue that represents something wrong in the code. If this has not broken yet, it will, and probably at the worst possible moment. This needs to be fixed. Yesterday. 
  • Security: focused on vulnerabilities, a security-related issue which represents a potential backdoor for attackers. 
  • Maintainability: focused on code smells, a maintainability-related issue in the code. Leaving it as-is means that at best maintainers will have a harder time than they should making changes to the code. At worst, they'll be so confused by the state of the code that they'll introduce additional errors as they make changes. 

And also the most important code quality metrics: 

  • Duplications Density 
  • Lines of Code (ncloc) 
  • Technical Debt 
  • Technical Debt Ratio
  • Code Coverage 
  • Comments Density

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