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The fastest and easiest way to automatically kanbanize your Jira projects

Drag and drop support, filtering and much more!

Welcome to Cards for Jira documentation space!

The definitive Kanban app for Jira keeps improving for you! Since its release in 2015, Cards has been improving and even caught Atlassian team interest! It's design and usability made the app look like a native Jira feature. 

What is more, no configuration or board creation are needed. Install the plugin and Knaban boards will be automatically created for each project. 

Please, feel free to navigate through the space and do not hesitate in contacting us!

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Cards Plugin for Jira 

Available on Atlassian Marketplace

Are you looking for supportContact us


Kanbanize your project automatically!


The kanban board is created automatically using your project workflows, issue types, statuses, ...


Drag and drop support


Monitor any project visually. Manage issues by simply dragging and dropping them between statuses.

Cards plugin intelligently manages status transformations of issues by highlighting the possible status transformations for any issue.

 What's more? it's Easy to install and has zero configuration hassles.

Filter and get what you need


Search cards (issues) using several commonly used filters like issue types, components, versions and assignees.

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Features and usage


Quick and simple, no configuration is required. Install the plugin and all the projects are kanbanized in a jiffy!
All the issues in a project are displayed in a board as cards, managing the issues has never been this easy!
Columns (swim lanes) are dynamically created, as the plugin is aware of workflows and statuses in projects.
Transform issues by just moving them between columns, cards plugin highlights the columns where the issues can be moved.
Cards plugin is "agile - made simple"
Interactive filtering allows to view issues using widely used filters such as issue types, components, Versions affected/fixed and assignee
  • No more the headache of adapting the statuses of your projects to agile/kanban, cards plugin adapts to your workflow!

    Contact and support

    Cards Plugin for JIRA is developed by excentia. Don't hesitate to contact us if your need any help, you want to provide feedback or if you have any issues with the plugin.