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Although SQALE method is focused on source code, we have adapted it on our way to be able to focus on JIRA issues, instead of lines of code. We have named this debt as "management debt". 

The Analysis Model

The Debt Analysis Model contains the rules that are used for normalizing the measures and the controls relating to the JIRA issues.

The model normalizes the reports resulting from the JIRA issues analysis by transforming them into remediation costs. The model defines rules for aggregating these costs.

Debt is computed for each issue by checking if the rules are violated or not.

The Rules

A set of rules is provided by the plugin in order to compute your management debt. If you think that a rule is missing, please contact us and we will include it in the next release.

Rule NameRule DescriptionDefault Debt
Resolved after due date

This rule checks if the issue has been resolved after issue due date

1 hour

No updated last month

This rule checks if the issue has been updated during the last month

1 hour

No comments

This rule checks if the issue doesn't have any comment

15 min

No description

This rule checks if the issue doesn't have a description

30 min

Longer than expected

This rule checks if issue timespent is over estimation

1 hour

Short description

This rule checks if issue description is too short

30 min
Short summary

This rule checks if issue summary is too short

5 min

No original estimation

This rule checks if issue is not estimated

15 min
No assignee

This rule checks if issue is not assigned

15 min

Too Much Timespent

This rule checks if issue is taking to much time

1 hour

Too Long Estimation

This rule checks if issue estimation is too long

1 hour


Check out plugin administration to know how to enable/disable the rules.