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Since 1.4 version you can link multiple projects to your Jira project in SonarQube Connector settings.

You just have to provide a comma separated list of project keys instead of only one. Note that if the list if too big then the page will take long to display.

This is very useful if your Jira project manages several software components and you want to have all of them in your SonarQube tab panel.

SonarQube Connector for Jira will aggregate all the metrics into a single view.

This new view provides:

  • A header section with all the collected metrics and global ratings. This includes the project distribution for each rating (size, reliability, security and maintainability) and the aggregated measures. 
  • A project portfolio section with the information for each project, including last analysis date and quality gate.

How do we compute the global ratings?

If you configure multiple projects then you will get a global rating for the main quality metrics: size, reliability, security and maintainability:

  • Size rating: this is the sum of all lines of code of all the projects. The rating is computed exactly the same as a individual project. See Size Rating for more information.
  • Reliability, Security and Maintainability rating: these ratings are computed by giving values from 1 to 5 to each project depending on the rating (A=1 ... E=5). Then we sum all the values and compute the average number. This number is rounded to the nearest value from 1 to 5. This value will be the global rating for your projects. 

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