If you have been an user of excentia Admin Tools for some time, you may have noticed it. With the introduction of ‘Notifications’ feature we changed our price policy for the app. excentia Admin Tools is now based on a freemium model.

What does this mean? 

The app is free to use and install, but you’ll need to acquire a paid license to enjoy some of the premium features.

As for right now, all features (workflow extensions, maintenance mode, transition history issue tab, report… ) are free except for Notifications issue tab.

How are we making it work on the Atlassian Marketplace? If you want to enjoy only the free features of excentia Admin Tools, you can do it as it follows:

  • 'Try it free' button: install an evaluation license of the free and premium features. Once the evaluation period is over, you’ll keep enjoying free features. On the premium features, a banner will ask you to upgrade. If you don’t want to, that’s cool.

  • Versions history page: Download last version and avoid going through the process of licensing. This way you’ll only install free features.

If you have any questions about our freemium model, you are more than welcome to ask us.

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