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Since 1.7.1 version you can create SonarQube issues in Jira.

A button has been added in the row of the SonarQube rule to create them.

Issue will be created as follows:

  • Summary: Name of the SonarQube rule.
  • Description: A link to SonarQube issues. (If you have more than one project, a link is created only to projects that have issues)

If the SonarQube rules already have an associated issue, you will get a warning saying the issue cannot be created because it already exists.

If a new SonarQube analyis is launched and some issues have already been resolved and new ones have appeared, pressing the button will only create a new issues with the new ones.

When issue is created, a Jira issue link appears in the same row of SonarQube rule. If issue has been deleted or resolved, nothing appears.


Since 2.3 the creation of issues with required fields is supported.

In case the configured issue type has required fields, the create issue dialog will be opened to fill the required fields.

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